Host Sites & Opportunities

City of Tucson, Environmental Services

This office works to promote a healthy Tucson by providing innovative and effective waste management and environmental protection services to Tucson. Members of this office work in a range of areas surrounding environmental management throughout Tucson including landfill monitoring and management, brownfield redevelopment, food cycle (composting), neighborhood recycling, waste reduction programs and more! 

Focus Areas: ​     Primary | Waste, Sustainability Planning       Related | Water, Energy, Local Economies

  • Intern Opportunities: The office is looking for interns to help with their Brownfield Redevelopment program and project support for their architecture and engineering services. Work may include supporting project design, construction and planning, site-monitoring and field work, help with program management, community outreach and education, data analysis and reporting, among other valuable experiences. Knowledge of environmental science and environmental quality issues is desired. Technical skills in GIS, AutoCAD, and related programs are a plus. 


City of Tucson, Mayor’s Office

The Mayor of the City of Tucson is the elected chief executive of City Government. The Mayor is responsible for presiding over meetings of the City Council, generally overseeing the enforcement of the City’s Charter, aiding in the organization and oversight of commissions and committees, and performing public outreach and education across a number of sustainability-related areas such as environmental health, green infrastructure, and renewable energy among others. The Mayor’s Office, which includes Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and his supporting staff, provide recommendations to City Government on policies and laws which support sustainability in the Tucson community.

Focus Areas   Primary | Local Economies, Sustainability Planning & Policy    Related Food, Transportation, Water, Air, Energy

  • Intern Opportunities: The office is looking for an intern to support various Mayor’s Office initiatives in topic areas such as housing, environmental health, and economic vitality, among others. The student will work directly with the Mayor’s Planning, Transportation & Sustainability Policy Advisor on specific issues, coordinating with various stakeholders involved in these issues such as community organizations, city commissions, and other city departments. Work may include research and reporting on specific issues, event planning and coordination, stakeholder communications, and public engagement, among other valuable experiences!


City of Tucson, Energy Office

This office works to increase energy conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy in City owned and operated facilities. Working minimize the city’s carbon footprint, the office participates in the design and construction of local projects, tracks energy usage data, and builds and maintains relationships with community members to support sustainable energy practices.

Focus Areas   Primary | Energy    Related Sustainability Planning, Air, Waste, Transportation

  • Intern Opportunities: The office is looking for interns to help with data-analysis, fieldwork and data collection, project management, planning and reporting, community outreach, and other great opportunities!


Pima County, Sustainability Programs Division

This office is responsible for implementing the Sustainability Action Plan for County Operations (SAPCO).  Using data driven reporting practices, staff work to improve sustainability across nine program areas within Pima County’s operations - which includes over 7,000 employees. Focus areas include: Reducing the Carbon Footprint of County Operations, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Green Building, Water Conservation, Land Conservation, Waste Reduction, Green Purchasing and Employee Health and Wellness. Staff also provide support for Pima Prospers, the County’s Comprehensive Management Plan. 

Focus Areas     Primary |  Sustainability Planning & Policy      Related | Water, Air, Transportation, Waste, Ecology & Conservation, Energy

  • Intern Opportunities: The office is currently looking for a junior planner to assists research and planning updates to the SAPCO. Other responsibilities may include assisting the office’s sustainability programs coordinator with education & outreach to Pima County offices and divisions on sustainability initiatives, policy-brief research and writing, and grants database development / management.


Local First Arizona

Local First Arizona is a state-wide nonprofit organization that celebrates and supports independent, locally owned businesses. They work to promote and advocate for a strong local business community and raise public awareness of the economic and cultural benefits provided by strong local economies. Focus areas of Local First Arizona include promoting healthy local foods, education and technical assistance for small, especially minority business owners, consumer education, and rural economic development.

  • Intern Opportunities: The office is currently looking for multiple interns to assist with outreach, marketing, research, and program management for a number of their projects including their local entrepreneurship program, adaptive reuse and development initiatives, green building initiatives, farmer’s market and healthy local food initiatives, and the overall localism movement here in Tucson.