About the Office of Sustainability

As a Tier 1 Research and land-grant institution, the University of Arizona addresses global challenges through research and teaching, and translates academic knowledge into action. The University is already using its campus as a living laboratory to pilot and implement innovative and bold solutions that advance sustainability. The Office of Sustainability furthers this progress by elevating and institutionalizing best practices in sustainable operations and development.

Our office leads and supports interdisciplinary, collaborative programs that engage campus and community stakeholders, strengthening connections across the greater Southern Arizona region. We believe that robust relationships and diverse, inclusive networks foster a more effective culture of sustainability. Consequently, we emphasize partnerships because we know that we can do more, together. We collaborate closely with the Arizona Institute for Resilience (AIR) and similar organizations on- and off-campus, as well as with local government agencies, schools, community non-profits, and the private sector. We strive to ensure that the University of Arizona continues to be an advocate for and leader in sustainability and environmental stewardship.

We focus on place-based approaches that highlight local resources and ingenuity. Our goal is to involve students, faculty, staff, administrators, community members, and partners in activities that increase environmental literacy, advocacy, and excellence. We also encourage the optimization of the University’s shared natural, financial, and cultural assets while reducing demand for finite natural resources like energy and water. Avoided resource use translates directly into avoided costs that benefit the University’s bottom line and can be used to prepare the next generation of disruptive problem solvers.

To learn more about the Office of Sustainability’s current activities, check out our Projects & Initiatives.