The Charge of the Action Plan

"The Charge" of the Sustainability & Climate Action Plan serves as the guiding mission of the Action Plan process, informing and aligning the goals and recommendations that will end up in the final Action Plan.

The University of Arizona Sustainability and Climate Action Plan (Action Plan) will outline an ambitious and comprehensive roadmap for achieving a sustainable, zero-emissions, and resilient future. The Action Plan will be developed through an inclusive and equitable process, engaging students, faculty, staff, and community members with the goal of enhancing the capacity of the University and Arizona communities to withstand and recover from climate-related challenges.

The Action Plan will emphasize that the University must address climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and integrating adaptation and resiliency measures into our operations. Aligned with University Core Values, the Strategic Plan, and Master Plan, the Action Plan will:

Eliminate Emissions 

The University will exceed the commitments of the Paris Agreement, reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with locations in Tucson and Phoenix by 50% or more by 2030, and 75% or more by 2035, relative to a 2015 baseline. The University will extend this effort to encompass all operations across the state and globally, aiming to eliminate emissions by 100% by 2040. To ensure accountability, the purchase of carbon offsets will be limited to no more than 20% of overall emissions, prioritizing emissions reductions.

Build Community

The University will uphold equity and inclusion as paramount, recognizing the privilege and responsibility of acting as a land grant institution. The University will actively engage its surrounding communities in the development of the Action Plan, fostering collaboration and input from diverse perspectives. Through these collective efforts, the University will cultivate a resilient and inclusive community that thrives in the face of climate challenges.

Be Actionable

The University will establish transparent and enforceable policies that ensure the implementation of sustainability and climate action across the institution. Clear expectations will be set regarding the scope of the University's initiatives and the areas that are still under development. A realistic timeline and financial plan, designed in collaboration with University leaders and subject matter experts, will provide a roadmap for achieving our goals.

Be Data Informed

The University will prioritize investments in optimizing the collection, analysis, and storage of data pertaining to sustainability and operational efficiency goals and metrics. The University will ensure decision-making is data-informed and that goals and initiatives are linked to transparent, measurable outcomes with progress reported centrally.

Inspire Adaptive Management

The University will integrate sustainability and climate resiliency as shared principles across research, teaching, and operations. The University will make iterative investments ensuring continuous evaluation, learning, and adjustments to foster our commitment to sustainability and climate action goals.

Demonstrate Leadership

The University will solidify its position as a leader in sustainability and climate action. Recognized for its research, teaching, and community engagement, the University will continue to lead the way in moving communities around the world toward a sustainable, resilient, and flourishing future.