Genesis Herrera

Genesis Herrera (She/He/They)

Communications and Web Content Specialist

Hello! My name is Genesisgalilea Herrera. I am majoring in Information Science with a minor in Spanish. I was previously an Environmental Science major for a couple of semesters where I was able to take a few courses that expanded my knowledge on the climate. Before starting college, I had always been interested in learning about sustainable living and sustainable alternatives within our daily lives. I have always had a passion for sustainability as well as learning about the environment as a whole. This position at the Campus Sustainability Fund is a way to allow myself to have a bigger part in environmental topics, especially connected to the Tucson community and the U of A campus. I currently am growing my plant collection and I also enjoy reading, dancing (with friends in our dance team named Pyremix), and playing video games in my spare time. I am excited to further learn about sustainability and ways to be more engaged in the community!