Pete Corrigan (He/Him/His)

Staff Advisor, Campus Sustainability Fund

Hello! I am Pete Corrigan, Associate Director of Employer and Alumni Connections for Student Engagement and Career Development at the University of Arizona. For as long as I can remember, I have been picking up litter and pulling plastics and glass out of garbage cans to make sure they are processed in the appropriate fashion. I took my passion for sustainability to the next level when I became the Green Team Captain for Borderlands Brewery here in Tucson and graduated from the City of Tucson’s Master of Recycling Program. For the past three years, I have served as the advisor to Students for Sustainability—a campus organization that does great sustainability work in the community. When the Office of Sustainability at the University of Arizona reached out to me to consider becoming an advisor to the Campus Sustainability Fund, it was an easy decision. My role is to have input on the many proposals that come before the committee. The wonderful student team makes the decisions, but I am in the conversation providing my thoughts and any information that I think may be helpful in their decision process.