Utility Modification Revolving Fund

The Utility Modification Revolving Fund (UMRF) is the University of Arizona’s utility efficiency revolving fund. The UMRF provides internal capital for high-performance efficiency projects that reduce utility consumption and costs. Those savings feed back into the UMRF to replenish it and provide a mechanism for the ongoing funding of sustainability improvement projects to reduce the institution’s greenhouse gas footprint and create significant economic gains over time. Many of these kinds of projects would be difficult to finance without access to such a dedicated, self-renewing monetary source. The UMRF will allow the University to tackle key deferred maintenance, while also working toward high-priority initiatives identified in the forthcoming University of Arizona Sustainability & Climate Action Plan.

The University of Arizona is committed to promoting sustainability practices in campus design, construction, operations and maintenance, and throughout the daily life of University community members. The University is also committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions and overall utility use, with the long-term goal of achieving climate neutrality before 2040. The UMRF promotes these objectives by funding innovative projects that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and utility use in alignment with the University’s academic mission while also reducing utility costs.

The UMRF was seeded with an initial allocation of $1.25 million from the Division of Business Affairs and its first allocations to approved projects began in fiscal year 2022, with each expected to pay back in 11 months to 6.8 years. The following projects have been approved as of July 1, 2022:

Project NameInvestment AmountPayback Period (Years)
Central Refrigeration Building Lighting Fixture Upgrade$14,2906.1
Arizona Health Sciences Center Central Plant Boiler Feedwater Pump Variable Frequency Drive Installation$136,3316.8
Yavapai Residence Hall Windows Replacement$23,8774.4
Central Animal Facility Steam Accessory Insulation Jacketing$24,9904.0
Arizona Health Sciences Center Chillers 1-4 Condenser Tube Cleaning System**$281,1365.0
T-70 Co-Generation System Condensing Economizer Upgrade**$750,0000.9
SUMC Bookstore Retail Floor Relamping$5,3892.3
SUMC Bookstore Retail Floor Relamping$13,7472.4

**In progress

The University of Arizona Space Committee is now in charge of reviewing and approving projects.

Applications for funding are open on a rolling basis and will be reviewed by the Space Committee on a monthly to bi-monthly basis if funding is available. To begin your application, please reach out to our Energy Manager, Michael Hoffman, at hoffmanm@arizona.edu or email us at sustainability@arizona.edu with any questions you might have.

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