The University of Arizona Compost Cats is a student-operated program that works to divert food waste, manure and other organic materials from local landfills and transforms them into high-quality compost for local agriculture and landscaping use. We are the only organization in Tucson and Southern Arizona that accepts food and other organic waste from businesses and homes, helping Tucson become a more sustainable community. Our crew partners with the City of Tucson to collect food waste and scraps, which are transported to our composting facility at the San Xavier Cooperative Farm, part of the Tohono O'odham Nation, to be processed by student employees. Compost Cats employees are engaged in every aspect of the operation, from operating heavy equipment on the farm and planning waste management services at events, to collaborate on important program decisions and presenting at national conferences. This provides students with critical career-based experiential learning and leadership opportunities that has resulted in numerous alumni landing specialized jobs thanks to their experiences with the program. 


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We Are Currently Closed

Compost Cats has served as the official compost service for the City of Tucson since 2015 and through the City’s Food Cycle program, any business can sign up for this service to prevent organic material from going to the landfill.  Unfortunately, we stopped accepting material in March 2019 to facilitate a transition from San Xavier Co-Op Farm to the Los Reales Landfill in closer partnership with the City of Tucson. We expect to re-start the operation in the Spring of 2020.

At the moment, the best way to divert your compostables from the landfill is to take them to a local community garden. Small amounts of organic waste can be taken to the UA Community Garden on 1400 E Mabel St.

To request more information, please contact Compost Cats' Program Manager, Dr. Ilse Rojas, or call 520-621-5653.



Compost Cats Needs Your Help!

Compost Cats is the only organization in Tucson that provides both composting services to the broader Tucson community, while also offering critical career-based experiences for future industry professionals. However, in order to continue providing these services and more, we need your support and the support of the Tucson community! Much of the equipment that has served to elevate the mission and vision of Compost Cats for the last several years is in critical need of replacement, so we have started a crowdfunding campaign to begin raising the funds necessary to continue our operations in the most effective way possible and to continue the reliable intake and processing of organic waste from as many local businesses as possible.

Please click here to donate or email Trevor Ledbetter, Director for the Office of Sustainability, for more information.