Sustainability Map

Initially developed in 2016, the University’s Sustainability Map serves to highlight sustainability programs, projects, news, and events occurring on and near the University, increasing exposure to and participation in sustainability activities. The Map integrates the spatial information of sustainability on- and off-campus in an unparalleled manner, backed by a robust database that collects, streamlines, and archives sustainability information as it pertains to the entire University.

Phase 1 of the Map, supported by the Information Technology Student Advisory Board, resulted in the creation of the fundamental sustainability data and the original application which was optimized for mobile devices. Phase 2, which was sponsored by the Green Fund in FY2018, focused on optimizing the Map for tablets and desktop computers, while also integrating data related to people, news, and events, as well as additional functionalities to improve user-friendliness.

In 2020, the Office of Sustainability became much more involved and is currently in the process of updating and standardizing back-end and user-facing data to improve the accuracy and usability of the Map for all campus and community members.

Access the Sustainability Map

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